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Why same-sex marriage concerns me as a parent:

Last week,  the Supreme Court made a moral decision to change our nation’s definition of marriage. Main stream media applauded the decision as progressive and revolutionary. However, history has taught us that subjective moral relativism isn’t forward-thinking at all. It’s cultural suicide. A  moral framework where right is by might, the inevitable result is self-destruction. […]


Holding On.

When my husband went to prison I was pregnant with Edward and my other children’s ages were 2, 3, 6,  and 8. We were destitute, without a permanent home and our support network was thinning. By far, it was the most grueling time of my life. Edward was born in the middle of winter. That first week, […]

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Week 21 Goals

The school year is coming to a close. We are all a little tired and ready for homework-free summers. Whether you’re dragging yourself across the finish line, triumphantly darting past it, or leisurely strolling along like a pro, I believe you did great things. Small or large, it all counts for something. This week I […]

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